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Virtue means a good or useful quality of a thing. But, in this case it means a quality considered morally good or desirable in someone. 

Society has taught us you have to be underweight.

You don't have to cover yourself with makeup, and if you do it's because you're trying to catch someone's eye.

You have to be covered in moderate clothing or you're disgusting and impure. 

You have to clean and cook for the man. 

Being different is wrong. Don't do it. 

You can't have a flat chest, because no "man" wants that. 

You have to be perfect. You have to have the perfect body, the perfect lips, perfect personality. 

Society has also taught us that if you're none of these things, you're wrong. 


You don't have to be small, overweight is okay. 

Wearing makeup is not a sin. And people who wear makeup are not trying to flatter someone.

You don't have to cook or clean for some guy who doesn't do the same for you. 

Being DIFFERENT IS OKAY!! In fact, it's amazing. Strive to be different.

Having a flat chest is nothing to be ashamed of. Body-shaming is disgusting. Be proud of your body and embrace it. 

Being IMPERFECT is PERFECT. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their battles and demons to overcome.

Love one another. 

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