Sexism in Gaming

October 7, 2016
By Jkaufman2 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Jkaufman2 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"Sexism in Gaming" by Natasha K. is a very strong argument that I personally disagree with on a few parts. "Many hate using the chat feature...because of the teammates- sexual remarks, insults based on gender..." I agree that these comments do tend to happen to females. I've heard and seen more comments attacking males rather than females. That quote is an unjust argument because it doesn't solely happen to females. Natasha also talks about the sexualization of female characters, I agree this also may happen a lot but whenever a male character is sexualized, there is no big uproar from the male audience. I believe Natasha and other females may be looking too deep into the games themselves.

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