September 23, 2016
By , Houston, TX

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when an arena begins to darken and you hear the strumming and banging of instruments. It’s almost as if in that moment, nothing else even matters. You get a chance to forget about all of the negative things that are occurring in your life and just have fun. Singing and dancing your heart out to your favorite songs with thousands of people who share the same passion for the music and artist as you do is an amazing feeling. The best part of concerts is when that one slow song that everyone loves is being played and you look around and see cell phone lights in the air and everyone singing along and you instantly feel at home and at peace with yourself. Everyone is like one huge family.

One of the greatest things someone can experience in their life, in my opinion, is a concert. Whether it be small an intimate, or in a large stadium. I’ve always believed that like food, music has a special way of bringing people together. Music is something I will always love and admire and I enjoy doing so with others who feel the same. If I could, I would be at concerts every weekend. Musicians have a special way of bringing people together who are alike in many ways. Many people even make friends based on the music or artist they enjoy.

People tend to make fun of people who do not share the same appreciation for a certain artist or band as they do and I think that is a terrible thing. Everyone has a certain music preference that makes them happy and I believe people have no right to make someone feel bad about what they like. I hear the term “fan-girl” a lot and that’s okay with me because I remember that I’m not the only one who feels this way about music. People shouldn’t be judged based on the music they like and should be allowed to enjoy concerts they attend without society making them feel embarrassed. But what do I know? I’m just an “obsessive teenager who loves bands and music more than herself.”

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