Declaration of Vices

August 30, 2016
By TrippyTradgies SILVER, Mansfield, Texas
TrippyTradgies SILVER, Mansfield, Texas
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We the people,

Of the black queer dynasty shines more color in our hearts than in our bloodline. We redefine the definition of love by tragedy and conformity. We disguise ourselves with the mass majority to be safe. To be kept in the good graces of the family tree because we’ve been raised “You be, what you be”. But what I see is a group of oppressed folks who fear red and blue, and the 1776 ghost. There is an unwritten legislation that gives confrontation to the traditional man and woman, pale as sugar, that this life was made for you. So the semicolon minority wait patiently for admiration and appreciation but everyone loves the culture but not the race. Nor the ones who wave flags of rainbow hope and black fists of power, are two times more likely to end up on the kill list. Yet, none will end up on primetime broadcast. We’ll be repainted into oblivion and blown off like a farewell kiss.

So now, when the appropriate time to tell our mothers? To get rejected by our fathers that we don’t seem to have. When do we rejoice with our snow white brothers and sisters without looking out of place? When does my black trans sister march freely for black lives but those black lives slander her womanhood? We say black is beautiful but black gets stereotyped into an image.

Is time progressing for you or for us? We either hide in the shadows or we’re outspoken in the public. They hate us in the shadows or they denounce us in public. Then we’re told that it’s 2016, our time to shine, but we’re clutching our phones and hoping that the presidential election doesn’t swing us to ‘Make America Great Again’.

We want the freedom to be and not what we be. Happiness isn’t designed in pastels, two genders and pale skin. When I die, I don’t want to be a repressed memory or a hashtag. Paint me in gold. Paint us in gold because we are not blood stained rags, we’re trophies. Golden and majestic but people are afraid of what they don’t understand. But that doesn’t give jurisdiction for people to treat us like zoo animals at their own discretion.

We just want love, equity and happiness. We are not you, you are not us. We were made from black and found ourselves in colors while most see in black and white. So the question is this, if it’s our time, when does the world start seeing in color?

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