2016: Gender Equality and Acceptance

August 18, 2016
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Gender equality is something that has always been preached about, especially recently, since the world has become more "open-minded". But are we really? We preach that boys and girls should both be able to attend school, that both should be able to go into whatever jobs they want, but do they? Around the world, within the shadows, millions of people oppose this very idea, repeating slurs in the depths of their homes, allowing for the world to be stuck in the same place. As if on repeat. We are not actually moving forward, even if we say we are. Because even then, we are brought down because of what other close-minded people believe.

Because of this, millions of girls are forced to choose career options that are considered more "girly", rather than pursuing that degree in computer science. And many boys are forced to forego their passion for fashion for a much "manly" job that won't discourage their masculinity. For the sake of not being called "queer" or being brought down further.

2016. How far humans have come. How far we have come that we now are able to stand in a world and do things like surf the internet or drive to the grocery stores in our cars with automatic drive features. Yet we still repress a large majority of our own population because of what? Out of "respect for traditions". What bullshit, especially since we are changing at a quicker pace than ever before.

I don't want to bag on males. I am not a feminazi, nor do I believe that everything that I'm saying is right. I know that many men receive  just as much discrimination as girls. But unfortunately, it still takes a toll on more women across the world than men.

No one really realizes just how strong women are. We are capable of taking care of our homes, and uphold a career and even give birth to babies. Yet we still pay women less than men, and force them to learn how to cook and clean, and influence them to dress more "girlishly" for men.


That's wrong.

We should only dress for ourselves, for how we feel when we wear them.

And domestic talents like cooking or cleaning? Everyone deserves to have those talents. Everyone should have the right to take an equal part in the household, whether it be a heterosexual or homosexual couple. And everyone should be paid gratitude for that.

Appreciation.  It's not something that us humans need, but it's something that motivates us to keep going. Something that tells us that we are capable and that we deserve some sort of respect or love for our doings. But often, this can be forgotten or lost, in a stream of criticism or "feedback" that can leave us all feeling like we are hanging from a limb. I know that a lot of girls and boys feel that way, especially when trying to fit into the crowd.

I know that I'm not alone in this struggle. Millions of teenage girls probably struggle with the fact that even when they do try to change for the better to fit the norm of tradition, their parents don't always pay attention. And my parents are great. They've always been there for me, and listen to me, and cater to my needs before theirs. All I ask for in return is for some slack. If only there was some way that my brother and I could be treated the same without breaking our culture's traditions. If only there was a way to modernize our own way of thinking, to be less misogynistic, and more equal. 

We all deserve to be kids. All of us deserve to go to school. And all of us deserve to make our own decisions regardless of our gender and age. I need to be a kid. I need to make mistakes. It's the only way I'll learn. And I don't think I'll learn from just being stuck at home, learning how to cook and clean. I need to be out there.

As a great woman once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Great advice, Eleanor. Thanks.

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