Women Are Not Weak

July 10, 2016
By Diya.22 SILVER, New Delhi , Other
Diya.22 SILVER, New Delhi , Other
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In today’s 21 century also women are not given equal rights which they deserve. Men are still considered superior to women, but why ? You don’t have the answer , I know that because no reason can justify that. It has not started recently but is going on for years and years; men consider women as their personal toys, which they think they can use and throw. But men understand that we are not your toys and we can any day at any place beat you in anything. Now let’s come to feminism, feminism does not means we are against men it just means we all women need to come together and remove this dirty gender discrimination out of our society . A woman deserves all the rights that a man has, we should not be considered impure when we have our periods and are forbidden to enter temples or religious places; because, of this IMPURE thing only human beings are born. We should be allowed to drive and move around without a family member by our side because we deserve as much independence as men. Why should women leave her house after marriage, men can also leave their house, why women are not allowed to help their biological parents by giving some percent of her salary to them, it’s our salary anyways. Why are we not allowed to party till midnights? why are we told to come back home before its dark?  people say the MEN outside are dangerous, So why not all men are told to come home before it’s dark; WHY only GIRLS ??  Why are we indirectly bought on our marriage day in the name of dowry indirectly know as FAMILY REPUTATION . Why do you men think this world will work efficiently without a woman because it never will because“ The world can work when the sun does not come out,  but it can never work without a women not waking up in the morning.” So men please give us this much freedom that we can breadth peacefully and freely in this world because no matter which occupation we are in even a simple housewife, we work 365 days , day and night without a break to keep you men happy and in return we just ask for some FREEDOM and RESPECT.

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This topic for me is very important because it's happening all around the world . It's also a global problem. So please don't take it in a wrong way I'm not against anybody and if I have hurt your feelings I apologies 

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on Jul. 22 2016 at 12:09 pm
stellawinslet, Durgapur, Other
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never stop dream...dream everyday and turn them into reality!!!

this article is extremely inspiring and evokes emotion as well. it aptly highlights the dire state of women in india and several unjustified myths associated with that.. i can relate to the article and myself faced several problems as mentioned here...well keep writing about such burning issues and convey them to the world!!


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