why take a chance

February 28, 2009
Why take a chance in life. Why are people so willing to take a risk it all? Is it that people can't resist the Temptations of natural Curiosity Or maby it just argue of a gamble of maby being right or worng.What ever it is all I know is that many people take risk everyday nomater how big it is. Is this the Solution why many teen to day are so much in troble? Or is this the resion we still like to day? What if we never took a risk in like? We would never have discored many thing we have like fire,cooking,differnt,food,Electricity and,fishing. would we be still alive to day or Extinct from the face of the earth. ok even if we take a risk and fale we still get the Expense and maby even the sloution. What ever makes us take a risk tink will we would still be alive to day with out risk or a gamble?

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