January 24, 2016
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Most people will tell you the "A" in the anagram "LGBTQIA" stands for "Ally." The truth is, it doesn't. The "A" stands for Aromantics and Asexuals. Even in the LGBTQIA community, these two are overlooked and forgotten. What exactly are Aromantics and Asexuals? Let me tell you.


For Aromantics, there is a spectrum. On one side, there are the complete Aromantics, who feel no romantic attraction whatsoever. On the other end, there are Demiromantics, who only feel romantic attraction if they have known the person for a long time. Right smack in the middle of those two, are Grey Aromantics. This means that they rarely feel romantic attraction, but they still do. 


Asexuals have a spectrum too. On one end, are the pure Asexuals, who feel no sexual attraction. On the other hand, are the Demisexuals, who only feel sexual attraction if they are close with the person and have known them for a long time. Just like Aromantics, Asexuals can be Grey Asexual, which is in the middle of the spectrum. Grey Asexuals rarely feel sexual attraction, but they sometimes do.

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