Two Languages

December 17, 2008
My name is Ruby. I am Hispanic. I speak English and Spanish. Spanish is my first language and English is my second language. My dad speaks English but not that fluently. My mom tried learning English but she didn’t understand it. She quit learning how to speak English.

When I get to school I don’t speak Spanish at all. On the other hand when I arrive at home I speak Spanish all the time. It is not easy at all. At school I might say Spanish words and when I am at school I have troubles talking to my mom because I forget some Spanish words.

My dad made me take Spanish this year. He says that he doesn’t want me to forget Spanish or else how would I communicate with my mom. But, I am in the first level of Spanish and I need harder. Most teachers try to be nice to me since I speak to languages. The truth is that I don’t like it. I like to be challenged.

Spanish can be very close to English. The worst thing about speaking to languages is that you get made fun of. My parents make fun of me because apparently to them I have an American accent. Although at school people laugh at me because I have a Mexican accent. I mean I don’t understand people. But now I don’t care what people say or think about me.

I remember going grocery shopping with my mom and we wanted to know where the napkins were. My mom and I didn’t speak English so we couldn’t ask anyone where the napkins were. We were walking all over the store for hours until we finally found the napkins. I could see the napkins laugh at me with joy because we couldn’t ask someone where the napkins were.

My dad decided it was time to move ever since that day. Now I know English; although I really wish we didn’t move. The reason why I wish is that I was nervous to get to an English school with me not knowing English.

Now I understand that it is school to speak two languages. I am proud to be Mexican/American. I would talk either English or Spanish anywhere and I would also do mix. I am so proud that I speak Spanish and English.

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