A Forgotten Feeling MAG

November 24, 2014
By Cameron_D BRONZE, Dudley, North Carolina
Cameron_D BRONZE, Dudley, North Carolina
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Her pain, almost unbearable,
Rips and pierces her abdomen. All over nothing,
All because she wore what was her favorite blouse –
The one her grandmother knit, the one
She cherished with all her heart.
The fine lace trickling down
From the neckline and bordering the cuffs.
All because she was trying to be
Herself. The thought that constantly
Surfaced in her mind like a buoy rolling up and
Under the surf, pelted by
The rushing of a never-ending current that
Spoke in volumes. Hour by hour,
Not only her peers, but her best friends,
Her mom, her dad – all pushing her
Away. Blaming her for not being who they
Want her to be, blaming her for being herself –
The true her. Scared to speak out, determined to not let
Them win. No matter the cause, she’ll find herself.
One day she’ll find herself.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because I wanted to bring attention to bullying through the eyes of male teens. In fact, as males age, they tend to be less likely to feel sympathy for victims. It’s astonishing to see how relevent bullying is today throughout teens, and since it’s such a hard matter to combat, the awareness of it is just as important as stopping bullying itself. 

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