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July 26, 2014
By -emma- GOLD, Miami, Florida
-emma- GOLD, Miami, Florida
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Us teenage girls that are growing up in the 21st century are growing up differently than the previous generations before us. Some say we are growing up in a better generation, some say it’s worse. It all depends on the outlook you have on it. Now a days we generally have more rights than the girls in the previous generations. We are treated a little more equally than before.

But some say it’s worse, in the sense that it’s a dangerous world for a girl. You are constantly on the look out for your own safety, even your own virginity. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 years old or 34 years old because trouble follows all girls. The 21st century is teaching girls how not to get raped. Instead it should be teaching boys not to rape.

We live in a world where if a girl is wearing short shorts and a tight tank top she is asking for it. If she’s friendly towards boys she’s asking for it. If she’s drunk, she’s asking for it. Men are the masterminds of manipulation.

They are good at telling us girls what we want to hear in order to satisfy their needs. Whatever happened to opening the door for us, pulling out our chairs at dinner, asking us out on dates. I’m not saying all men are like this but in our generation it is extremely rare to come across a respectful gentleman. Not all men harass woman, but at some point all women have been harassed by men.

The media now in this day represent men as people but women are represented as sexual objects. If you go online, wander the streets, go to a gentlemens club, you can find women working for men to display their body as an toy for men. Love is rare to find these days but it’s easy to find a friends with benefits, shouldn’t that tell you something? Girls now a days have to pay close attention as to what they wear so they don’t give men the wrong idea. It’s a shame that we can’t wear what we want because boys can’t control themselves.

Girls can’t even go out of the house and go for a run when the sun is setting because that’s when men are most on their prowl. Waiting for their prey to come around and pounce on them. Now a days if you say “no” you are considered a tease and “why can’t we be friends” you are considered a b****.

But now women give the excuse of “having a boyfriend” instead of “no,” because men respect that more. They respect men more than women. Men are afraid to mess with taken women because they know that boyfriends will come down hard on them if they even slightly look at their girlfriend the wrong way. But if you are a single girl you, better bring your brother along because that is the only way guaranteed you wont be messed with.

The funny thing about clothes is that we have to restrict on what we wear for the lack of their self control. Because the clothes say more about consent then our mouth does. We as girls in this generation have to cover up a lot more skin because “boys will be boys.”

If I haven’t made my point yet here’s something to think about. The odds of being in a shark attack are one in 11.5 million, while a woman’s odds of being raped are one in six. Fear of sharks is seen as rational, while being cautious of men is seen as misandry. Society would rather tell women to show less skin, than to tell men to have more respect. A part of society thinks that the cause of rape is flirting, revealing clothing, or drinking, where in actuality the cause of rape is a rapist. Blaming a rape victim for not wearing modest clothes is like blaming victims of terror for not wearing bulletproof armor.

In this generation all girls are in danger of being raped due to society teaching women how not to get raped instead of teaching men how not to rape. So women to this day aren’t treated as equal to men, because some men will always encounter themselves superior to woman.

The author's comments:
Because the expressions "cool story babe," and "go make me a sandwich exist, because the song Blurred Lines, because society screams don't get raped, instead of don't rape.

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