Unequal Equality

June 19, 2014
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In 2014, inequality should be a thing of the past. Women shouldn't have to live in fear of men, people of certain races shouldn't still have to face racial slurs and people who are homosexual should be allowed to do something as simple as express their love in marriage. Sadly, many of us are still oppressed in ways we don't even notice on a daily basis, and perhaps it's time we learnt how to effectively battle inequality.

When we take to social media sites such as tumblr and twitter, we observe many people using these sites as platforms to voice their oppressive nature. After all, it's easy to send hate over the internet right? Looking at such websites demonstrates just how narrow minded people can be, even those who face inequality themselves; telling someone they can't be depressed because they're straight and/or white isn't defending your own minority group, it's attacking an individual who cannot help their circumstance. Similarly, telling someone their love is 'unnatural' just because it doesn't fit your definition of traditional marriage and then attempting to defend yourself by saying you support rights for women is not fighting for equality, it's being a hypocrite.

I guess the fundamental way we can support equality is by just showing love for all human beings, not by spewing hate for someone who is different to you or has a different point of view to yours. Parallel to this, if you are the receiver of such discrimination, do not respond by attacking their ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation. You cannot fight fire with fire just like you cannot fight equality with inequality.

Stand up for yourself, yes, but don't do so at the expense of another person's happiness.

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