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Change America

Once the greatest nation on Earth, the United States is heading for oblivion if people do not choose to change the nation they inhabit. The United States has stood as an empire for centuries and has been regarded as a superpower for decades. How can this model country go wrong? People have seem to forgotten the lesson of Rome, the greatest threat is not some outside force however rather the biggest threat to the empire is the same people that inhabit the empire. The normally strong America has been exposed as a school bully who simply gets their reputation from talk without action. As if world-class embarrassment isn't enough the States has shown to not be an effective place for economy. The general public and leaders find themselves at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to many of the policies that are being placed. Should this continue, the United States will find its fate to be doomed like so many great kingdoms of the past.
??The way the United States has carried itself on the world’s stage has been odd to say the least in recent years to say the least. America has the strongest strength militarily and the means to carry any threat that has been announced. Why do we then allow the small country of Syria to be able to brush our threats off their shoulders? Might our power be gone? We have shown the world that we will huff and puff the problem hoping the problem would collapse like the house made of branches, however when the problem is made out of bricks we dear not attack it. The United States has gone from the superpower who fought for justice and peace in the sixties to the laughing stock of the modern world. The way the U.S. handled Russia was also an example of how much we are willing to talk and turn away when the going gets tough. President Obama seems to have the mindset of a sports commentator and not the mindset of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed forces that consumed the minds of great presidents such as Presidents Kennedy, Washington, Lincoln, and countless others. President Obama needs to acknowledge that without military actions no robber of Justice will take threats seriously. Obama has shown Putin and Russia that they may get away with producing nuclear weapons at anytime. Do we want our weakness to be the reason Cold War II begins

Lets bring our studies of American failures from the world stage to the national stage of the United States. The recession that the United States suffered is said to have lasted from late 2007 through mid-2009. At the highest point of the recession the unemployment level rose to 10 percent. Today it is said that the recession is lifting, however people still are waiting for the change. Gas prices are growing by the day, the cost of living is going up, the national debt is reaching the level that might be too high to pay, and people seem to be out of works more than ever. If you were to ask a politician how the economy was getting better they would blurt out thousands of pointless statistics and not be able to point at a good example. The price of the dollar has also gone away. Today’s United State dollar has the same buying power as 16 cents in 1970. How did the government make the money so inflated in 44 years? The only logical answer is that the money of the United States economy has been controlled by people who have no logic in their person. A great example of the U.S. Dollar losing value is the Race for Billions. A decade or so ago a million dollars was seemed as wealthy to the average American. Today the wealthy are no longer shooting for millions of dollars, however the magical number that seems to deem many wealthy is a billion. The United States has made money so cheap that soon coconuts would be more valuable in terms of buying power.

The leadership of the United States and its people seem to be fighting which policies get passed. Recreational Marijuana is still outlawed by the federal government despite that the general public wishes to see the legalization of using the non-addictive drug (polls show that 56 percent of Americans want to see the legalization take place). Another fight between the United States government and the public has been for the right of the 9 million Americans who are gay to be able to marry. How can a gay gentleman go into the army and fight for “freedom”, yet he is denied the freedom of marriage to another man? I understand some people will say that it goes against the bible, however I wish to remind those people that the United States Constitution says that we have the freedom to religion and that freedom does not mean to stuff your religion down the throat of people who are just in the pursuit of happiness. Another action the government has committed that the public has deemed as un-moral was the spying scandal that made the U.S. Be examined by it’s own allies. Thanks to a hacker by the name of Edward Snowden (I’ll let you decide weather he is friend or foe) the N.S.A. was exposed for the true spying business that is attended to in this agency. Not only is the N.S.A. spying on the friends of the U.S.A., however the agency is also spying on the inhabitants of the “great” nation. How did the president react to the spying? He stated that he did not know that his own government was spying on people. Isn’t the job of a president to know what the government was doing and manage the government? Stop taking pictures with the Danish prime minister and begin managing your government Mr.President.

America’s decay has begun and must undergo a very quick and hard change to be able to revive it’s ideals. Can it be done? Yes. Maybe we remember our American spirit of the past that was captured by President’s Kennedy’s quote “we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Talking must be backed by action if we ever want to be taken seriously by other nations. Shall we continue to not back out word we will be seen as useless as the United Nation. Economics must be cleaned if the United States wants to have a chance of standing the test of time. If the United States should fail when cleaning the mess that is known as economics it will start to deteriorate to the point where the nation is left in ruble. The government also needs to do a better job of relating with the people it leads. Should the government and the people be at different ends of the spectrum for a long period of time the state will lose its power to rule and the people will be sure to overthrow the government. The time for change is now. People will make or break the future existence of the United States.

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