The Bell's Memorable Sound

February 25, 2014
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In 2012 I had began to find myself and a sport I would appreciate more than anything. This was Boxing! I remember growing up hearing my dad's stories about his teenage life and his boxing stories. He told the story of his first fight. It had only lasted 47 seconds in the first round, his anger was his motivation. Which was one of the biggest things he told me throughout my career, "use your anger in the ring, whether some kid bullied you from you just not liking a teacher.. put it in the ring." I had been training for around 1 and 1/2 years for me to get ahold of my first fight. The boxing club was like my family, i trusted them with everything. When we got to Iowa City i had weighed in 10 pounds under and was curious whether or not to fight. I talked to my dad and reminded me it's my first fight it's only meant for knowledge and experience. I took the fight with all my nerves on wreck. By 7'o clock i was two fights away from standing in the ring for my first time, I was nervous, mad, sad, curious, and happy all at once. It was my time to fight i had been watching others for hours learning moves to use, knowledge to gain, and exercises to work on. I stepped in the ring as nervous as could be! My name was called to step up and touch gloves. As i stepped back my heart beating sweat dropping, the bell rang! I came in with working my jab and moving around trying to stay mobile. One of the judges had smacked the ring notifying 10 seconds left. I started speeding up and pushing till the rest for round 2. The round was over, i sat down taking deep breaths and listening to my dad tell me what to do. Again, the bell had rang again indication of round 2. I ran out just flying and putting pressure as if this kid were my life enemy. Due to all the pressure he had pushed me down. I got back up understanding it was an accident. So we started again going round in circle as if it was a circus. I added pressure again and he hit me in my groin i fell in pain. I got back up and not a point was taken off his card! So i knew the fact that he had home field advantage was going to be a problem. Round 2 had come to an end. I began another talk with my dad and in all memory he said, "this kid has home field and you need to show him that you will be remembered in his mind and show him how hard you have trained." *ding, ding* The bell had went off for the final round! I came out with barely any breath pushing and fighting my way to the win. I had lost all my breath i took a step back to recover, but he added pressure. I shoved in and he tripped me again! I got back up and switched from orthodox to southpaw. He went to go push me down again but i grabbed him and slammed him down. I had made one mistake that would never leave, i had gotten a point taken away. He got back up and we fought again. Round 3 had ended, i had shook hands with his coach and went to the middle of the ring. I was waiting for the call of the winner! the announcer had said, "And your winner fighting out of the..." My heart had stopped, my ears had opened, and my mind was racing! "is the fighter in the red corner," raising my opponents hand. I was mad but happy with myself knowing i had put my heart into that fight and showed my opponent now my friend that i wouldn't leave without a fight. Everyday i wake up remembering the sound of that bell and giving me motivation to continue the sport i love.

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