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December 20, 2013
I'm sure that at least once in your life you've been stereotyped. That someone or a group of people has said something about you simply based on your looks or where you're from. This generation is sadly full of many stereotypes and it seems like we are faced with them more often than we should be. One thing that people always stereotype in my life is my school. Due to my school’s bad past, many people believe that my school is a bad place to go and that no one will be successful coming out of high school if they go there.

Sometimes this stereotype can get offensive. If I meet someone new or a family member that I haven't seen in a few years and they ask me which school I go to, I proudly reply and if they are from Delaware they usually either ask why or they cringe of some sort. They think that just because a few bad things have happened there in the past that it is still a dangerous school. I've never found anyone to be proud of me for going to my high school and I think that someone should be! My school deserves a lot more respect than it gets and I really wish people would stop judging it by it's past without knowing what it's like now.

An even more offensive stereotype that is made about my school is the issue of race. People assume that just because we have a high population of African America students at our school that it is going to be more dangerous. It is true that we have a higher population of black students but that doesn’t mean anything. My school has little to no crime rate in this generation and although there are quite a few fights, other schools in Delaware have just as many if not more. It is very rude to assume that a higher population of black students makes my school worse and I strongly disagree with that stereotype.

One last stereotype that I somewhat agree with is that my school is poor. Of course because we are a public school we probably aren't going to have as much money. We aren't poor to the point where it makes our school a bad school; we just don't always have as many opportunities as other schools. It must be tough for whoever is in charge of the schools spending because our enrollment is rapidly growing each year and they are going to have to adjust to that. I believe that our schools money situation is none of my business and I'm not very worried about it considering I still get a great education and everything I need from the school.

I think that stereotypes about my school should be stopped. Before people judge it along with everyone who goes there they really need to learn their facts. Whenever I hear someone say that it is a "bad school" I make sure to correct them because all of this false information needs to be cleared up so that people will start seeing my school as I see it. I am proud to be going to my school and I can see myself going very far after I graduate, no matter what anyone has to say about it!

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