Defy Gravity

October 12, 2013
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They say America is a free country. They say we have a right to what we think and who we are. But is that really true? Why do we have stereotypes? Its so complicated, when it really doesn't have to be.

Why do people think that all cheerleaders date the football stars? Why do people think that people who are smart are also annoying and arrogant? Why do others think that people who don't love themselves, all wear black? Our society thinks everything is like that and always has been. If one person doesn't follow the status quo, BOOM they are outcasted. Its as if at birth we already are handed who we will be and how we will act.

Labels. We are all somehow "categorized". Nerd. Popular. Gay. Hipster. Loser. Wannabe. Jock. What can't we be more than one? Why have them in the first place? Just because someway may seem a certain way, shouldn't make us assume thats who they are inside.

Shallowness. We are all shallow. We cover up who we are with fancy clothes and makeup, physical and representational. We hide who we are from the world. And nowadays, this is the new normal. Why cant we speak our mind. Even at school or work, we are discouraged from thinking in our own way.

We should be able to stand tall and express ourselves. Don't hide who you are from the world because you are afraid of what people will think of you. Would you rather hide behind the curtains of life and be liked for being someone else by most? Or would you rather be yourself, out and proud, and eliminate the haters? Be yourself. Speak your mind. Express yourself. Everyone else is taken.

"Its time to try defying gravity."

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