The American Dream

October 9, 2013
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Believe it or not some people’s American Dream has not changed since Martin Luther King Jr.’s time. The common theme between MLK Jr. and I is equality between races. I understand that it is not as horrific as it used to be, but racism is still here and I don’t believe it will go away for a long time. I feel that the United States having an African American president has moved us up a little, but there needs to be more to come.

Equality in a nation I think is what will help our country go further. For instance, President Obama (an African American) shows African Americans how far we have come. However, there are always those kinds of people who don’t care if Obama is on their side or not, they voted against him because of his race. Now I know that there are going to be racist people and not just against blacks, but any race… So what is the point?

The point is that judging another person by the color of their skin will not further your knowledge but lower it. Why? Because you can learn so much from other cultures that could change your viewpoint on everything. Not just learning about what happened in the past but what is happening now that you do not even know about. And once you learn or see what else is going on you could make a difference. Look at Abraham Lincoln, he was a white man living in the most racist decade of our time and he still saw what could happen if blacks came together with whites.

In conclusion, my American Dream as a 16 year old living in the year 2013 is still the same of a 39 year old man living in 1968. Even though the conditions aren’t as harsh, our country still has problems that need fixed, and I believe that in time they will.

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