Society's View on Wicca

September 30, 2013
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Despite some organization such as hospitals now having a high level of respect for Wiccan, Many organization and society itself still view it as this lucifer worshiping religion. In looking through the internet at school. i've noticed that there are several Wiccan websites that are blocked so students may not get on them. Yes, I understand that some Wiccan websites may have nudity, but yet as a person interested in Wiccan you already know that the websites warn you of it. Society still show Wiccan has this rebel religion that worships lucifer and is the direct inverse of Christianity. One, Wiccans don't believe in the concept of Lucifer; that figure of all evil didn't even come to exist until the rise of christianity. And to another point on Society's view, Wicca has a harm none. but do as ye will rule. Which in case marks out the thought of witches turning people in to toads, or placing a curse on some one. Wicca is a polytheists earth bound religion which believes in using magick for advancing someones life( with their person) after all mundane means haven't done it. I understand that people fear what they don't understand and that with every good person there is one who makes the negative view come alive, but that doesn't mean that society or any organization has the right nor authority to slander another religion. I know several people that either fear Wicca or disrespect it because the Bible is totally against it, and how society shows it off to be.

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Guinn_98 said...
Sept. 1, 2015 at 12:30 pm
People that use the Bible to slander Wicca are only taking the Bible at face value (as many christians do) and have not looked into the history of the Bible's translations. First, when the Bible forbids witchcraft, the witchcraft it is forbidding is and always will be very different from the witchcraft that modern day Wiccans MAY OR MAY NOT practice today. The witchcraft as proposed in the Bible has roots in love spells, and nature-based poisoning methods. As Wicca has its Rede 'Harm None, Do As... (more »)
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