Are Disney Realist?

August 29, 2013
By amkdancer BRONZE, Franklin Square, New York
amkdancer BRONZE, Franklin Square, New York
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As little girls we had our favorite Disney princess, mine was Bell. She was the sweetheart who was forced to live with a monster. She saw the best in him and changed him into a prince. As a little girl I believed that it was possible: find a beast and turn him into a prince. Lame I know..... Well now as a soon to be 16 year old my 6 year old self is gone. I realize a beast "asshole" is incapable of turning into a prince "nice guy". The beast turns the princess "nice girl" into a beast "broken". But, does Disney movies also relate to our dreams and hopes? I happen to like to believe that my life is not determined by love, but my ambitions. Call me pessimistic but I find myself more realistic. I know life is not a fairy tale, so why do they portray it like that? A Disney movie timeline : happy times-tragedy-realization-happy time- mistake-happy ending. Sadly in life happy endings do not always happen. You get your heart crushed and your dreams shattered. But, in real life a fairy or magic candle are not there to make it better. You have to pick up the pieces no matter how hard and push for yourself. In the end regardless about the ones around you, you are the one who truly cares about your future. Hence, they why is that were told to always take others into consideration. I mean what if their in the way of your goal. My English teacher said ambition and power is dangerous, because it takes away from morals and love. While, he stared directly at me, so I began thinking. All the things we to do achieve our goals, they are not in Disney movies. The girl does not push herself to exhaustion working out to be happy or study for hours to get that grade. They do not show the girl who does not go out because she is overloading on school work. I see those girls in my friends and myself but they do not tell you that when your young. That to make something out of yourself you have sacrifice your teen years and push away those who may hurt you. So why does Disney always show the happy ending? Why not to realistic one of the girl who gave up the guy to achieve her dreams?

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