Pride Hurts

August 16, 2013
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There was nobody who didn't know about Alan March. He was the richest man in his area, in fact he was richest in his country. He had got several businesses all around the world. A palace his like his residence was not found anywhere else in his country. A fleet of luxurious cars was always ready for his travel and dozens of servants awaited to fulfill his orders. He had a huge collection of antiques from all around the world to inspire the art lovers of his country. He enjoyed all the possible luxuries in the world. Alan had two sons, highly educated. They were the apple of his eyes. His wife was the senator and was equally wealthy.

This state of affairs had made Alan very proud man. He used to say,''God has not created anything on the Planet Earth that I can not buy''. His hatred towards the poor relatives was the most agonizing. He had declared once for all that no man with low status should enter his villa. He was so proud of his wealth that considered it as a weapon to eradicate the poor. “Certainly God does not love the proud ones”. Once, Alan's pride was hurt so badly that no one could ever compensate it.

His youngest son was severely injured in an accident. His injured body was lying in the operation theater and a group of doctors gazed him hopelessly. He needed blood, but his blood group was very all around the country were inquired about the blood. A helicopter was chartered to fetch the blood from any part of the country. Even contacts were made outside the country. At last, blood was traced from a foreign country but the time was too short, as the boy needed a quick operation. The desperate father was requesting the attendants to get their blood groups checked. He was crying, tempting others by his wealth, and was also asking God's Mercy, for he had realized his mistake. But it was too late. All his efforts, requests, and wealth proved futile and his son departed.

The last words that the fainting father uttered were,''My pride led me to this. May God forgive me''.

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Jack said...
Aug. 22, 2013 at 5:55 am
Well, it seriously teaches us how pride hurts. Good Effort!
AimenChaudhry replied...
Dec. 28, 2013 at 8:12 am
Thank you!
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