What is all the fuss about?

July 4, 2013
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Prejudice. Unfortunately the issue of prejudice is ever-present within our society and remains a prominent part of everyday life. The media is often criticised for portraying images of the human form which are supposedly negatively affecting us as consumers. This argument remains valid as the issue of photo retouching and the constant bombardment of advertisements which advocate heavy use of plastic surgery to try and be ‘perfect’ What is ‘perfect’? Perfection seems to be the image that many strive for but how can it be defined when it is a subjective concept? Many deem those who are ‘fat’ or those with piercings and tattoos as unattractive and negative. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is often recited almost as a mantra but this is true. Each person has their own perception on the concept of beauty and every opinion varies in some shape or form just as the human form varies. It is infuriating so see that many people feel inadequate because of their physical appearance. We live in a world where we are continuously told that it’s ‘what’s on the inside that counts’ but how can this be so when we are constantly told what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aesthetically? Contradiction appears in abundance in this sense as we are told that appearance should be insignificant but then people are judged in regards to their hair colour, piercings or tattoos due to outdated stereotypes. It’s ludicrous that these mixed messages are being presented to young people who are impressionable in terms of the perceptions that they are forming.

Ultimately, it is wrong that people are subject to prejudice based on their appearance but sadly this still occurs even within today’s society. The debate of tattoos has been a long running and often heated one which sees the clash of opinions daily. At the end of the day, your outer appearance does not have an effect on your ability to achieve. The primary reason why your appearance would be an issue in your achievements is as a result of the views of others about your appearance and not the actual aesthetics or processes. If the attitudes towards clothing, tattoos, dyed hair, piercings and other forms of body modification changed there would be no preventative barrier in terms of appearance and careers. I personally feel that it is wrong that the opinions of others should have a direct impact on the way in which I feel that I can dress or act in terms of deciding to get piercings or tattoos. I myself recently got a tattoo and was subject to copious amounts of criticism because my own personal decision. It is no way offensive to others but I have been told that I was ‘stupid’ and ‘careless’ to get it done. I was presented with countless arguments and opinions of others which were furiously attempting to dissuade me from what I wanted to do. What is the problem? I have decided to get something done to my body, not yours, in what way do my actions to my own self have any impact on you? If you do not want to look at it, very well, I am not going to judge you for it so why should I be judged for getting it?

I was told multiple times to wait a few years before getting it done. I made sensible decision in terms of saving up for it, thinking over a meaningful design and picking a practical time for me to have it done. I was not thoughtless or careless in this decision and it was not one by which I took lightly. I was frequently patronised by those who felt the need to explain the permanence of this marking. I felt insulted at their condescension. I am fully aware of the consequences of getting my tattoo done and have forever been told that it was a bad decision. It was my decision. The clichéd response to a tattoo is “You’ll regret that in a few years” so what if I do? The decision was right for me at the time; I will look at it and remember the reason why I got it and smile. I will look at this artwork on my skin and think back to having it done and how it made me feel. I have also been faced with the argument that it will present difficulties when I want to get a job. The only reason that would be the case is if the attitudes on tattoos do not change. If people took the time to realise how much the issue of tattoos has been blown out of proportion compared to other more significant problems then there would be no risk of encountering problems in terms of a career.

People make the decision to embark in body modifications for many reasons, it is their decision and it does not directly impact you. So what is all the fuss about?

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