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April 28, 2013
By , -, United Kingdom
I never want to be seen like some of the girls in my class; they value attraction in terms of physical appearance rather than intellectual ability. They wear the tightest skirts and the shortest tops I have ever seen. I always wonder why they feel the need to disrespect their bodies. I suppose they think it’s the best way to get attention from the boys. I don’t however, feel the need to do this, which, is why I decided to wear the headscarf.
Some days, my mind becomes clouded in a myriad of thoughts about what other people think about my headscarf. Do they feel that my parents forced me into it? Do they think I’m a terrorist? But, I decide to dismiss all these negative comments behind and get on with life. On the outside, I look modest and respectable and on the inside, I feel great. And that is all that matters.
Let me just clarify this: I chose to wear a headscarf because I wanted to – not because my parents did. Many people assume that the headscarf is a symbol of oppression; this is not true. It doesn’t impair my opportunities. In fact, I try to reject all these stereotypes that people link to the headscarf. I’m not weak and passive. I still play football for my local school team and I was able to compete in the National School League Competition. The fact that we won made me even more confident and it gave me the strength to continue doing something that I love.
Is there any harm in representing your faith to others physically? A faith that stands for peace, care, and love for the world. So whilst I raise money for charity, volunteer at the elderly home and make frequent visits to the homeless shelter, I hope that people will understand the true meaning behind my faith; not the one that is represented in such a callous and harsh way in the media.
I respect everyone, every faith and every religion.So why is it that I still get so many hurtful comments about expressing mine?

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