Stop Being Hateful

March 24, 2013
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Why is it we have to be segregated by the color of our skins, even our nations. We are called the United Nations for a reason. I mean it's been a racist America for centuries, and it's really tiresome to still hear about it. I mean are we not past it by now? Can you honestly say you are pure white or pure black when there are mixed cultures now in this world. We learn a lot from one another. Can you really hate someone because of one bad apple out of there bunch. African American people are not bad people neither are Caucasians, blame it on the individuals who did the crime. Remember not everyone thinks or acts the same. Unless you teach them to act in that way. So all this blacks, whites, Chinese, Arabic’s, and so on are bad because of some stuff that happened because of their nationality it's not true and who are you to point a finger at someone you don't even now? So people of the Earth we have shared get right or get straight facts either way. Stop being hateful.

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