How Could It Be?

March 17, 2013
It could be the best of the times, or it could be the worst of the times, but unlike in the period of the French revolution, I am sure it was not an age of wisdom or the age of belief, but is the age of terror, foolishness and inhumanity. If we believe it happened because of destiny, we must be the greatest fools in the world.
He has the most innocent eyes in the world. Like all children of his age, the world for him every day would be full of innocent dreams like Alice wander freely as a stag in her wonderland. Like all children of his age, he wakes up every morning, just to kiss and see the peaceful face of his mother. He always loves to fly freely like a bird in the sky. He longed to know how the ants go behind each other always. He longed to chase and run behind his pet dog in the meadow. He longed to rest his face in the lap of someone who loves him. He wants to play hide and seek with his friend school friend Amirtha.
He loves to hold butterflies in his hand to watch the amazing wings of different color. But all his dreams shattered suddenly, and now it is the real world. He begins to understand the danger of his situation. Someone stroked him hard on a rod and shout at him, ’Are you going to rule us, you are the son of terrorist’? He tries to guess the meaning of the word terrorist, but unfortunately he could not find it. Poor Twelve years old boy, his language teacher never taught him the meaning of the word terrorist.
A man with long bread appeared in front of him, and he looks so friendly.
“Are you hungry?” he asked.
“Yes, I am," he replied.
“Do you know your father was the inventor of suicide-bombing technique?”, he asked?
“I do not know, but I have no idea what is the meaning of suicide,” he replied.
He heard the large voice of laughter behind him. Poor boy, he never knows he was sitting in the middle of forest, where no one could save him. His tummy really hurts badly, because someone beat him yesterday hardly with rod. He tried to remember the face of that man, but he could not. He never knows that there is another world behind him where the word ‘pain’ was almost unknown. He failed to know that there is a place in the world where the children of his age never cry. He never knows there is a place somewhere in the world, where people having stone heart never care the tears of innocent children.
He never knows he was going to die that day. He never knows a person behind him is capturing him in the camera. He never knows channel 4 video is going to shock the world. He longed to see his mother again, but now he was shot down and killed.

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