Media & Self-Esteem: Don't Let It Affect You

March 12, 2013
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In our everyday lives, media and society intend to show us every single reason why Hollywood stars, runway models and teenage singers are "superior" to us normal boys and girls, everywhere in the world. What they try not to let us see is that they all are flawless in the most surreal way. It doesn't look real.

Now, doesn't that leave you thinking? How come so many people have perfect toned bodies, Maybelline-ad-like faces and perfectly straight hair, but you go to any clothing store and everybody is just... normal? That's what I've seen. Celebrities are no longer considered well-known people, but just things which are there to be seen, heard, evaluated and envied.

Of course, they haven't been famous since the womb; in some or other way they all gained their place in the spotlight. A place that will forever belong to them. For an example, let's take a look at Miley Cyrus. Not too long ago, she went by her birthname, Destiny Hope Cyrus, a countryside girl with an overly big mouth, not really attention-worthy. Later she became Hannah Montana, TV show star throughout all of her teenage years. Then came the Miley Cyrus that we know: rebellious pop singer with those catchy tunes and amazing looks that thousands admire. And now, where is she? Everywhere. Even though she does nothing, everybody seems to know the names of every dog she owns. And all because she once auditioned for a role at Disney.

What we see in our shows, films, magazines, etc. is only the result of countless hours of work made by makeup artists, hair stylists and photography editors who know very well what they are doing. I bet if any girl, myself included, was put in their hands, she would become a total beauty queen, 100% Hollywood style.

Actually, what we call "Beauty" is absolutely subjective. While some people dream about porcelain skins, others find freckles funny and sweet, and we always tend to want what we can never have. Therefore, some skinny girls would love to have a fleshy bum, while the curvier ones judge themselves for not having a thigh gap. With this I'm not saying that it's not OK wanting to be pretty, because pampering ourselves is a big part of growing up as girls, as well as the best self-love vitamin.

But our wishes of having someone else's body are not completely natural, and there comes a time when they become unhealthy. There will always be someone who looks way better than we do, and also someone will surely think we're better-looking than themselves. Each person chooses who she/he wants to look and act like, either now or in the future. Celebrities are essentially people who are paid to be role models of attitude, beauty, personality and/or talent for incoming generations. In the end, there would be no entertainment industry at all if people didn't need it.

When it's time to choose someone to take after, would you rather go for a loving and caring mother who suffers from acne and is not really tall, or a troubled (but oh, so gorgeous) actress?

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