Why Gay Marriage Should be Legalized in Texas

February 4, 2013
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Gay marriage has recently been very controversial as many states push to legalize it. Several states have already passed bills, and laws legalizing LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) marriages. Other states argue that it is unnatural and unhealthy, however my research has proved it is beneficial to every aspect of life, from personal happiness to financial revenue.

Gay marriage should be legalized simply because there isn't anything nontraditional about it, everyone deserves equal rights and financial revenue will be increased.

Two people of the same sex should be allowed to publicly celebrate their commitment and receive the same benefits of marriage as opposite sex couples. It shouldn't be anyone's concern if same sex couples want to get married. In the words of Rita Mae Brown, “No government should be able to tell you when or whom to love.” If same-sex couples could be married, they would receive all of the benefits as opposite sex couples, like hospital visitation during a serious illness, taxation rights, inheritance rights, and protection in the event the relationship should end. Also, many court cases have been reviewed on same sex marriage to further prove the positive points of legalizing it, for example on December 20, 1999 the Vermont Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Baker vs. Vermont that same sex couples should receive the same benefits as opposite sex couples. If Vermont can make this mental connection, Texas should be able to follow suit with ease. According to www.politicalticker.cnn.com on August 11, 2011 CNN released the results of the national poll to show a majority support for the homosexual community, with 52% favoring same sex marriage.

The past has shown many examples of “unnatural” relationships that people have been accepting of. “Given the prevalence of modern and ancient examples of family arrangements based on polygamy and communal-child rearing”, gay marriage should also be legal with the other equally “Unnatural” relationships.(www.gaymarriage.procon.com) Polygamy has been around for many years and is not so highly frowned upon clearly, because there is a famous million-dollar television show about a polygamist family. This television show airs on "TLC" and features one man with four wives and seventeen kids. The subject of neglect for kids with polygamists parents is so strong, even an author by the name of Kelly R. Schwab wrote a book about it. Schwab even goes onto say, that "Polygamous relationships have always been considered unlawful", and "the widespread abuse and neglect of children in polygamous communities is [reoccurring]." Polygamy isn't as frowned upon as homosexuality, yet it's been proven the likeliness of a polygamist family neglecting a child is very high, where as same-sex couples have been reported to be fit parents; in some cases even more so than opposite sex couples. Research by sociologists Judith Stacey and Timothy B. Biblarz has concluded that, "..It may come as no surprise that the latest study .. Has found some evidence that lesbians make better parents than heterosexuals." also, "Parents' sexual orientation has little, if any, impact on children." Reverting back to the main topic at hand, Lisa Miller, a renowned Newsweek Reporter says “The purpose of marriage is to preserve personal happiness, protect/raise children, and to create social stability through shared property and mutual obligation.” Ms. Miller has a fantastic point, by stating that all the
aforementioned things can be achieved with same sex couples.

Financially, legalizing same sex marriage is the wisest thing to do for the economy. If same sex couples could be wed, marriage licenses and collective higher income taxes would increase revenue. Studies have proven that just within two years of same-sex marriage being legalized, 142 million dollars was added to the usual revenue in New York City. (www.money.cnn.com) People would most likely be influenced to tour to, and possibly move to any state that legalizes same sex marriage. According to Mayor Bloomberg, mayor of New York City (www.NYtimes.com) “Marriage equality has made our city more open, inclusive and free- and it's also helped to create jobs and support our economy.” Researchers from usnews.com have made the hypothesis (based on calculations and predictions) that states "same sex marriages will bring nearly $700 million to the California wedding industry and pump almost $65 million in new revenue into the state budget over the next three years."

The point that marriage is meant to be about re-population and creating new life, is unfair in many ways. Mainly, because infertile, heterosexual couples are allowed to marry where they cannot make new life, or reproduce. The ability or desire to have children is not brought up while heterosexual couples get married, and therefore is an invalid argument to say against same-sex couples. To further prove the point, it is fact that George Washington, "Father of Our Country", never had children with his wife, Martha Custis. The same can be said about four other presidents. (www.gaymarriage.procon.com)

Overall, this research has proven that same sex marriage should be legalized because it will benefit every area of the community. Financial revenue will be increased, therefore boosting the economy for the state, along with giving equal rights to the LGBT community, and generally making members of the LGBT community feel welcomed and happy which are key elements to overall success of a community; happiness, equality, tolerance and understanding. Along with the dramatically increased revenue, my research proves the positives outweigh the negatives in the case of legalizing same sex marriage and that is why same-sex marriage should be legalized in Texas.

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