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January 15, 2013
Entering high school, your freshman year, and your whole thought on school will change. That quiet shy boy in your English class will no longer exist. He will completely change over summer, hoping that everyone will forget who he used to be, and the upperclassmen will never find out about how quiet and shy he was. That nerdy girl with the natural blonde hair, will turn dress all provocative and barely qualify for passing dress code. All that is done, just so people won’t judge her for having brains. She would rather be known as that girl who “gets around.” In conclusion, she will be all popular at first, boys will flock to her, and girls will want to be her friend. By the end of the first semester, awful rumors about her will be going around the school, you will no longer want to attend school, and finally you will diagnose yourself with depression. Is changing your image really worth that?

High school is known for having cliques, which aren’t really just for girls anymore. Each clique has special specifications just to qualify to be friends with them. The football guys act all cool, just like the guys in the movies. However on the field they are in their own little fantasy, dreaming about becoming pro, playing in the NFL, going to a school known for football. In the classroom, they don’t know anything, it’s like they don’t even care. They have this illusion that they will get accepted to an amazing college, and get a scholarship. Like that is possible getting bad grades, and not caring one bit about school. The Pompom girls don’t even bother talking to them, unless you meet these qualifications. First off, you must have the title of being popular, second if you were friends with them since elementary school they may acknowledge you, and thirdly if you’re on the team. They walk around school, thinking they are all high and mighty so watch out. When you hear the word cheerleader you get that imagine for that snobby ditzy blonde. Cheerleaders are nothing like that, they are sisters. Unlike the poms, they are nice to everyone, and don’t stride to get anyone’s attention, but unless you are on the cheer team you will never get close to them, since they are always at practice or cheering for some school event. Stoners, do I have to explain that much? The major ones are only still in school, because their parents still think they have potential and will turn their life around. When you converse with one, they just can’t seem to get away from talking about some sort of illegal drugs or some other illegal activity that they have engaged in. Nerds, live a life of pros and cons. All through high school they will be looked down at, and people run all over them. Little do they know that people wish that they were them. They get excellent grades, without even trying, and you know that after high school they will without a doubt be successful. You can’t possibly specifically point over every clique there is, but there are those who don’t fit in anywhere. The outcasts, the name sounds so horrible and unpleasant, but actually that’s just a stereotype. When you’re classified as an outcast, and make friends with other outcasts, you don’t have to be someone you’re not, and you get accepted for you. No matter what clique you’re in, you will have nameless amounts of people dislike you, for reasons you may never know.

Once you reach your sophomore year, for the most part your will no longer be companions with those you were the year before. That’s mostly for the girls though. Friendships in high school end for these three reasons. First you grow apart, and no longer see each other: second they befriend someone that you absolutely despise, and would rather make new friends then deal with that one person: and thirdly the most common of all, the opposite sex. Once you get a boyfriend, it’s practically written in stone your friend will get jealous of your happiness. They are going to tell you, that you changed for him, and you aren’t yourself anymore, and my favorite you choose him over me. This is a very important milestone in your high school life, during this time of you’re on the wire friendship, you will realize who your real friends are. Your true friends won’t care, they will realize that you are happy, and they know that you will always be there for them, even if you don’t hang out as much as you use to. So when you get into a relationship expect this to happen.

Right from the start maybe even the first week of school, you will without a doubt, have that one class that you absolutely hate with a deep burning passion. You would rather, get eaten alive by a hungry group of lions, or have your body tattooed all one time, then go to that class. That class will go on and on, it’s practically never ending. Each time you walk into that hell hole, your mood will automatically get worse, and won’t get any better until that bell rings. When the bell rings, it’s one of the most amazing sounds ever, you get this excitement like when the timer goes off when your pizza is finally ready, and you can satisfy your talking stomach. Even if you hate school and everything about it, there will be that one class that you enjoy going to. You may not have the best grade in it but you will pay attention, and take interest in what you are learning. Most of the time, your liking of the class, will have to do with the teacher. If you’re sitting in a class and learning from a monotone voice, you’re going to get bored, and distracted, or lose complete interest in whatever the teacher is teaching you. But if the teacher actually makes class fun, and act like they want to be here, then you will defiantly have more of a drive to go to that class. So teachers stop making class boring

In the class room is one thing, but once that bell rings and you get released into the halls it’s a whole other story. In the halls you hear everyone talking, and you hear some pretty strange things, trust me. You haven’t heard anything yet until you hear what high school students have to say. Some people believe that if you are talking in the hallway that no one can hear you. When you are walking down the halls you hear about who banged who, and what happened at the latest party, and what the latest gossip is. The halls are practically the source for all information.

In high school you will hear about plenty of gossip and rumors. It is nearly impossible to not take part in it or be a part of it. From girls talking about what someone is wearing, to boys talking about some trashy hoes. Some love the attention and everyone talking about them, others dread just the thought of it. Students walk around high school in fear, hoping not to be pointed out for something they did, or for some secret to get out. Girls can be particularly nasty in this topic, one minute they are BFF’s and the next they are doing anything to lower the others self-esteem. Make up rumors about dumb stuff, or spill their friend’s deepest darkest secrets, just to get back at the other. Watch out who you can trust, because they can betray you in an instant. Boys don’t really have that much to spread about one another, so they manly attack a girl’s. Girls are easier to break down then guys, and when you talk about a girl who gets around she is looked down at, but if a guy gets around they are practically praised. Rumors in high school can get extremely nasty, so don’t judge someone on what you heard about them, actually get to know them and find out if it is true or not.

In conclusion about high school, it will be the best four years of your life so far, you meet so many new people, and people you never thought you would ever become friends with. You learn a lot about yourself, and what you are good at; it’s also the time of your life when you decided what you want to do when you get older. It’s all fun and games until you finally buckle down and concentrate on where you want to go for college. High school will also be the worst four years of your life; you will meet plenty of fake nice people, get overwhelmed and stressed, about your future. Get the feeling that you’re going to fail in life, and have no future, and break down from everything. Slowly you will build yourself up and realize that you can do it. And after high school you can forget about all those cliques they will all be slip up and sooner or later and, will finally noticed that none of it matters in the real life. The ones who never tired in school will end up probably nowhere, and those that care about school, will make it in the real world so don’t worry. High school everyone can make it, unless your one of the few that drops out, but even then they get some sort of job. Its four years of your life make the most of it before you know it, it will be graduation day. As time goes on those big things that happened in high school will turn into just little old memories. Then you go to college, and that’s a whole different subject.

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