December 30, 2012
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This may sound too cliche,but change is the only constant thing in our world.Have you ever thought of what it would be like living in the same black and white era that our grandparents probably lived in? Imagine our world as though it never changed from its beginning. What if our key inventors decided not to be so inquisitive.What if 'technology' was not an existent word? What if Isaac Newton didn't try so hard? What if there was no TV,no computer?I definitely wouldn't be writing this right now, so what would I actually be doing?

These are the things that make me wonder how I am going to change the world.What am I going to donate to our fast-changing world? What mark will I leave so that my name will be etched not only on the sands of time,but also on the rock of eternity? Know that no matter what you do or how little you do,at least you've done something. Realise that there is a lot in you can do;disregard human limitations. The difference between an ordinary person and the extraordinary person is that little extra,no matter how small.Some people go a mile to do that extra.Some just walk a metre. Others just take one tiny step.It takes will and grace to realise one's purpose. It then takes determination and attitude to actualise such a purpose.Know what you're made of today, and then, let the whole world know too.

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