Illegal Alien

December 6, 2012
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The United States of America has always been known as the “land of the free” or “the promise land”. Ever since the 13 colonies formed from England, Immigrants from other countries moved to live out what is know as the American dream immigrants went from slaves to outcast and now illegal aliens, a person that enters a country with out permission and does not pay taxes. Which the government does not like so they enforce to lock up the border so more illegal immigrates cannot pass over because of the high rate already living in the US. The Border States know as Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas have been dealing with new Laws passed to protect the border.

In the eyes of a US born citizen an illegal alien is nothing more than a job stealer, but in the eyes of immigrants they want to come to the US but they are not aloud they would just like to have the freedom and a peaceful living environment that advertised around the world of starting a new life to be successful in also know as the American Dream. Ever since America became the “promise land” many different people from around the world decided to they wanted the opportunity to strive for their dream at new lives. If the US wanted people to come in to live here, there should be no restriction on who can and cannot live in the “land of the free”. From the unsuccessful attempt to be a US citizen comes the term illegal alien because they took chance and made it there them self without any help. Even though they are treated badly for it because they are not like anyone else, they do not pay taxes every year, which does not fuel are economy.

The term has another origin that has developed over the years, from the Mexicans that have crossed the boarder to the US illegally by jumping the boarder. In some border states these illegals are seen ass very bad people or treated bad for self pleasure. There have been Laws past in states that require certain identification so the person will not be mistaken for illegal immigrant just because he is Hispanic by not being deported. Since such strong enforced laws many Hispanic descent illegals are sacred for being deported because for the children born US citizen could be felt without parents. Most children Hispanic decent and US born do not know how to even speak Spanish or there parents second languages beside English. There for are society today has give the illegal aliens a face and that is being Hispanic which is not even considered an ethnicity. It has its on little box to circle yes or no for Hispanic among the Border States when it comes to forms. Beyond the identification of the word there are some physical meanings to it that are considered racist. In the day today if you were to see someone speaking Spanish and could not speaking English you would profile them to being illegal because of one assumption also tan skin thick black hair would also be a physical trait that have been used to identify a Hispanic male of female based on there appearance. In Arizona the law enforcement is very uptight when it comes to a Mexican American having nice thing such a car, so they get profiled and stopped just for suspicion my mother has been stopped countless times for driving a nice car for suspicion of drug cartel, when really my mother owns a bar to other its suspicion to me it profiling.

Wetback is a term for Mexican that crossed in to American by swimming across the river to freedom in Texas or because on the sweat on there backs from walking across the desert and over mountains. Beaner is a name that US locals would call a illegal or legal for there customs of eating beans as any kind of meal to criticize them into seeming like pigs for being different in a way where they are unequal. In multiple occasions I have been called these terms for being Hispanic but I am proud of my ethnicity. If you are legal Hispanic you are considered White and if not you’re an illegal immigrant you are considered one of these terms. Since segregation between raises had been going on for a whit since America was established, first the Native Americans then the African Americans and now Mexicans.

For a illegal immigrate, life is very hard for then find somewhere to live and work because they have no social security and you need it to have credit to get a credit card a house, a car, a phone etc. Very needed to survive here, illegal immigrates make around sixty three percent of the US population. Since there are so many undocumented people in the US its had to get work because illegals do not pay taxes to the government which lowers are economy then we go in debt. Since most illegal aliens are Mexicans six point seven million, two point six million from Latin America, one point three million from Asia, five hundred thousand from Europe and Canada, and four hundred thousand from African and other countries. Every one wants a chance to live here in the land of the free where there is no communism or dictators to rule over them. It is a very hard dream to accomplish if you try. Most illegal immigrants die on the way to freedom based on the environment utilities to survive. In parts of Mexico you can find a guide to take you across to the other side that are called coyotes and they do not always certify that you will make it across alive some kids make the trip to freedom and do not make it. Many have tried and lost and I respect the ones that lost there live on their way to a new life. Illegal alien is not a term it a face a soul for a person that wants to be free and wont stop till she or he has it. Could you survive to get to freedom?

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