what it's like

December 4, 2012
By , Franklin, IN
i get the dirty looks from miles away, high school is not easy
i live in a place where the "gay" kids high school fit in
you are a saint, a sickness, everything but human
you loose friends you loose family sometI'mes
i lost my grandmother because I'm the gay kid
i have lost my fathers faith in me to become somebody
I've lost my closest friends because they think it is "wrong" or
"gross" but i have faith in myself i have my mother by
my side every step of the way she will never loose hope in me
i will never let those things get to me no one will ever
dictate my life or tell me i am not good enough
i will stand high and proud of who i am
i am none less than who they are just because i lay
with the person i love and they just so happen to be a women
i am under you? so for everyone out there going threw this keep your
head up, high school let anyone tell you that you are not worth it! this is what
it is like to be the gay kid, to not fit in, and to not be wanted!

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