Just Some Words of Wishes

May 30, 2008
Every one has a live. There day to day actions defining who they are. From the clothing they wear to the way they style their hair.
Defining a person's personality is like sorting chocolates from a box. But without a chart you have to taste each piece of sweetness in order to classify it into a group. The same is as with people. You can't classify a person without knowing there "flavor" or personality.
But you might wonder why you might even want to classify a person. But the truth is that we do it every day, without wanting to or meaning to.
Walking down your school hall ways you will see all those chocolates groups who have been tasted already, and sent off the a corner of the box to live out the rest of the sweat, creamy lives.
Along with my chocolate metaphor is a wonderful thing call real life. Were people are people and chocolates are just some thing we eat to much of. Instead, in real like people get grouped a different way. Like people don’t walk around taking big bites out of each other! Imagine how disturbing that would be! But instead, "taste" a person and give them a chance so show you just how flavorful they really are.

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Cupcakecutielol said...
May 27, 2010 at 7:35 pm
wow.. this is so good and so true. I understand it all in all even with the spelling errors. haha. i think we look at life the same cuz this is the kind of stuff i get at.
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