The Soldiers of Suicide

July 30, 2012
By annie.j02 GOLD, Elverson, Pennsylvania
annie.j02 GOLD, Elverson, Pennsylvania
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People commit suicide everyday. Some because they feel alone, have no friends or just being teased. When you think about those reasons, they make you sad and you wonder how much that person went through. Now think of that then picture a soldier who cannot get the thoughts of combat out of his head. Who cannot erase the memories of his fellow officer getting shot? Yes he is happy to be home with his family and children but they cannot understand what he feels. Now think of what that man has done, think of the lives he has saved and the lives he has taken. To me that is a man who you need to feel sorry for not a teenager, a child, who hasn't even experienced enough to know that they want their life to end. So when you’re thinking about taking your life, think of the 150 souls that served our country then took their lives in July. Those are the people who deserve heartache, those are the people who served, they are the ones you experienced life. So put down the blade, walk away from the bottle of pills and push past your sadness and move on because there are people out there who have felt life, you have held life and even have looked at death, and watched as it slipped away.

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I have watched people my age talk about commiting suicide and it honestly makes me mad. I have a brother in the military and he has experienced so much with that and if he can keep living on then a teenager can fight through a day of school.

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