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valadictorian speech

July 3, 2012
By i5abella GOLD, Winnipeg, Other
i5abella GOLD, Winnipeg, Other
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being strong is about picking yourself up and dusting your self off so that you can help a friend when they fall.

High school is coming to an end; its hard to believe its over; all the good times and the bad times; friends; sports; classes; winning losing; clubs and committees that we didn’t even know existed.
Its time for us to let go; to leap and fly into the future to go forth our separate ways; Letting go of an era; an era of loss and love; and finding who one is; of boyfriends and girlfriends; loved ones; tears shed and becoming who one is to themselves in the world to others.
The end of an era isn’t about what you’re letting go of but who you’re letting go for and how letting go; helps you move forward. Flying into the future; forward; ever forward to who you will become.
Like that first step and like stepping off the plat form where you go zip lining at first its terrifying; then exhilarating as your flying thou the air the only thing holding you up that thin rope. We have to let go; so we can move forward; and as scared as we might be its time for us to spread our wings and fly. For us to become the people we will be.
Today is the first day of the rest of our lives; we have the world before us; we will do great things meet new people; become doctors and lawyers. Some of us will be the teachers of the rest of our children; all of us will be the teachers of our own children and few of us will be both.
Today is like the first day of kindergarten; were scared and excited and happy and our parents don’t want to let us go. They want us to be like this for just a little longer and everything will be gone in the blink of an eye.
Looking back it seems like it’s taken forever and at the same time like its gone by in the blink of an eye; so don’t blink because then it will be gone like that. (snap finger) in the blink of an eye were going to be off to university; collage; the work force; and one day well look back look back and think about all the good times all the bad times.
Our children will be off to school and we’ll want them to stay where they are for just a little longer; look forward but don’t lose track of time.
Today is our day; stand tall; be proud and strong; stop smells the roses; look back but only for a short time; concentrate on today. Because our lives go by so fast; look forward but not to far that we get lost in the jumble.
And finely give thanks for all the good all the bad and everything else because all of that made us who we are today.

The author's comments:
i wasn't the valadictorian but if I was this would have been what I said to my class.

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