Child Abuse: On Purpose or Accident

June 12, 2012
By iloveyu0001 BRONZE, Greenville, Michigan
iloveyu0001 BRONZE, Greenville, Michigan
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“There are far more children brutalized then we know about”, by Anna Cohn Donnelley a doctor of public health (D.P. H.). She points out how serious child abuse is. There are many types of child abuse. Child abuse is not an issue to mess around with. It causes many problems and is illegal. Child abuse is a horrible problem that exists.

Children who are abused blame their selves for what happens. They think that if they change then they can stop what’s happening. Children don’t report what happens because they don’t want to get in trouble, they deny what’s happens and lets the abuse to continue. Some believe that they can’t stop it. But “abuse is never your fault” (Stark, 30). That quote was saying how abuse is never your fault; if you are abused in anyway don’t blame yourself. You can do anything to stop what’s happening; you just need to tell somebody. “Good people do bad things” (Stark, 21). That was saying anyone can abuse you. Someone you love, don’t know or don’t like. Abuse can happen anywhere and anytime.

There are multiple effects of child abuse. One effect is emotional some examples are “depression… personality disorders… flashback and nightmares” (background on child abuse, n.p.). That was only a few of the emotional effects; there are many more emotional effects from child abuse. Another effect of child abuse is behavioral, some examples are “prostitution, teen pregnancy, suicide attempts” (Child Abuse Background Information, n.p.). These two quotes are just trying to say some of the effects that can happen. Way more effects to be announced. Not everyone has the same effects, they may but act different or they may have something different.

Some people may believe that child abuse could be an accident. An example could be shaken baby syndrome. Shaken baby syndrome is when somebody shakes a baby. The baby could be crying and the parent or somebody holding the baby could be stressed, and all they want is the baby to stop crying. This syndrome gives many problems for that baby it could even kill the baby. But child abuse is mostly on purpose. Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy is “when a parent causes a child to become ill and rushes the child to the hospital or convinces doctors that the child is sick” (Child Abuse Background Information, n.p.). This is used to get attention, but the child gets in a lot of danger. Munchausen syndrome is on purpose. Sexual abuse is on purpose, which can be touching such as “fondling, making the child touch an adult sex organs, any penetration of a child’s vagina or anus by an object that doesn’t have a medical purpose… engaging a child for the purpose of prostitution or using child to film, photograph or model porn.” (Child Abuse Background Information, n.p.). Non touching sexual abuse wants a child watch sexual actions. Most of all abuse is on purpose.

In conclusion child abuse is never a child’s fault, are many effect from being abused, and mostly on purpose. Child abuse as an awful problem that happens to children. The world would be a better place if we could find a way to end child abuse for good. The social life of children would be a lot better.

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