Why Should I Be Any Different?

June 8, 2012
There are eight billion people in the world. Over three hundred million people in the United States alone. There are over thirty thousand people in the world who were sperm donated. Compared to others, this seems like a small and unimportant number. But to those who are one of the thirty thousand, it is the most important number in their lives other than the number of their donor father.

Out of all of the things that are done to conceive children, why is this still frowned upon? A baby is formed, just like any other day. They opened their tiny eyes into the loving eyes of their family just like any other. They cried like any other baby. They grew taller, and grew stronger. Why should they be any different?

I am one of these children. I am different. When I was younger I didn't understand this fact, but I now do. Being called fake, or an abomination of nature, by your own family and friends, doesn't leave you being unscathed. There is no way to have chosen this path.

I don't know how many other people I can speak for, but for myself, all I remember wanting when I grew up was a daddy. I dreamed about him. I pictured him coming in, marrying my mother, and becoming my daddy, rather than a father. It wasn't until I finally found him that the dream I had longed for, was completely shattered. He has his own family. He may think it is cool, but to you, all it means is that you are never going to have a daddy. Never going to have someone to give all of the fathers day cards that you saved. Never going to have a dad to walk you down the aisle. As insignificant as this may seem to others, this is my whole life. This is more than a broken heart, this is a shattered dream. One that will never come true. Think before you speak. Despite all of this, and all that sets me apart, why should I be any different?

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