Gay Marriages

May 3, 2012
By Brooke Eisenmenger BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
Brooke Eisenmenger BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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When a women loves a women or a man loves a man, that comes to equal at as homosexuality. Homosexuality is all around us. You may not know but your best friend could turn out to be gay, or bisexual, or a lesbian. It’s not a bad thing, it’s not a choice, it just happens and people view this as morally wrong.

There are some states in which same sex marriage licenses are issued. Those states include the following; Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia. There are three states in which same sex marriages are recognized. These states are Rhode Island, New York, and Maryland. In October 2008 the tables turned in one state and the Connecticut supreme court could invalidate the state statue by barring same sex marriages. Then again the same thing happened in April, 2009 in Iowa. In other states this is how it went down; Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that banning same sex marriages was unconstitutional. In this case the court ran through thoughts like same sex benefits, protections, and their rights and responsibilities under the law. There was a lawsuit against Hawaii in 1993 when their supreme court ruled that laws that denied same sex relationships the right to marriage violated the states constitution protection rights unless that state could show a compelling reason for such discrimination. This went to the Supreme Court in 1996.
The lawsuit ended effectively after a while. In April 2000 Vermont passed the laws granting domestic relationship marriage rights. In October, 2006, New Jersey passed practically the same law that Vermont passed; New Jersey’s began in February 2007. New Hampshire slowly passes legislation authorizing civil unions in May of 2009. In May 2008 the California Supreme court ruled that same sex couples should have the rights to marry. In early April in 2009 Iowa started discussing gay marriages being unconstitutional and two months later they came to the conclusion that there would be a law in Iowa that gays could marry.

There are many arguments that any person could go into with this subject including the fact that people believe that getting married should be between one man and one woman, not people of the same sex. Then, there is the argument that raising a child in a home that is the life between 2 people of the same sex being their parent is not healthy and that it’s going to mess with the child’s mind to what is right. Research has shown that adopted children of both hetero and homosexual families are just about the same. The amount of love that is given to the child is close to the same and probably always will be. There are arguments that same sex marriages are lessening the continuation of species. Than there is that big argument that same sex marriages will lead to people wanting incest or for polygamy to be legal. There are thoughts about people’s rights. It can also be argued that same sex marriage is going to force churches to marry domestic relationships into holy matrimony against their will. This is untrue because a priest can refuse to marry two people. There are also some churches which are for the gays and lesbians. There are more arguments like this, that gay marriage with be promoting gays in schools. What argument that in my mind goes with this is the fact that a major amount of the population is gay.

People have many thoughts to why people oppose to same sex marriages and some of those thoughts happen to be that it offends religions that it’s unnatural, and it’s just repulsive to other human beings.

I could go on way out of the zone of gay marriages but I won’t. I think that one thing a lot of people don’t see is the happyness that someone brings to another. Heterosexuals and homosexuals both have feelings, and they will both have feelings for someone in their life. I haven’t looked closely into the fact but there are so many bisexuals, gays, and lesbians in the United States itself. The amount of homosexuals is not going to decrease anytime before it increases. I think that people should stay out of others relationships because everyone has the right to love, so why don’t they have the right to love and be tied together to that person their whole life? I think that even just getting a marriages license should be okay to do because if these two people are willing to show their love than they should be able to receive that piece of paper that says Mrs. and Mrs. or Mr., and Mr. just saying that can tie two people who love each other dearly together.

My thought about the situation of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals is that it’s their life; it’s not that they went out their way to become gay. It’s nothing you can change, it kind of just happens. In my psychology class I learned how gay runs in the family. It shows somehow that being a homosexual is in the genes. I think that if someone wants to love someone of their own sex they should be able to.

When you walk down the halls and you see two girls talking that shouldn’t phase you, either should two lesbians. I think that people should care less about someone else’s love life and the way that they want it to turn out and focus more on the path theirs in taking.

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