Love or Hate

May 2, 2012
By Voidwolf BRONZE, Clinton, Tennessee
Voidwolf BRONZE, Clinton, Tennessee
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All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry-Edgar Allan Poe

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream-Edgar Allan Poe

Headstrong, lost within the crowd, unable to find your way out. You've lost yourself again, lost again within the hopes of another. You let yourself be taking in again and again, over and over. Never by the same person but always by the same tricks. I say you, but you are me just as I am you. Together we are one but we will never admit it to the other. We are the headstrong, never listening to another's advice, not even your own, and always plunging in headfirst without a single thought of a consequence. You are the love. You are the one closed off by me but always finding a way out, an escape, another person. You leave me behind, never giving a second thought to how it will affect us, for we are one. Where you are, I will surely follow. You are the trusting. Others forever take advantage of you, hurting you, hurting us.

I am all that is light, but you are not. You are the all encompassing darkness of our united soul. Whereas I am the love, you are the hate, pushing others away with cruel looks and glances. Never attaching yourself to one person is how you survive. Just as I am the trust, you are the jealousy that builds up inside of me. Suspicions take on a life of their own as you make your way towards my heart. Seeing figures in the shadows when there are really none. You are the paranoia that lives inside of me. Always the unpredictable one, you make your decisions on your own rash behavior, unlike my own calm, collected, and muddles decisions. I am the right just like you are the wrong. We never see eye to eye, even though we are the same. Your crassness hurts you, me, us.

We are the twin soul living inside of you. Twinning ourselves together, suffocating your heart. We are the basest of emotions inside of you. The happiness and the anger, together we are your sadness. We are the headstrong forcing you to never listen or heed anyone else's advice. Forcing our way into your mind is how we win. One cannot live without the other. Our survival is all dependant on the other. To know love you must first know hate. To know how to hate you must first have figured out how to love. We are the sole reason for your life and your death. Come; enjoy the fruit to Love's labor so long as Hate is there with you, prodding you along the way. Base the choices you have made and will make on us. Whether you will do it for Love or for your own Hate, we are always there haunting your soul. We make up all that there was, is, and ever will be. So whose favor will you have earned when you finally die, Love or Hate?

The author's comments:
I based this on the simple feelings of love and hate. They really are simple and yet they are complicated. They are the reasoning for so much that has ever happened in history. But when you find one you will always find the other not too far away. Choosing between the two is always a moral problem.

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