Making Head Way

April 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Our lives don’t reflect what we can accomplish Where we come from can’t predict where we’ll end up, what we’ve gone through can’t bring us down to a different level, and the people who cut us down, aren’t the ones who can tell us who we are. We have complete control over our lives. Living with unfortunate events is only obstacles on our way to our biggest dreams and goals. They’re not road blocks.

A specific thing that pushes people back is when they’re cut down on a daily basis, suffocating their self-esteem. You may know this thing as “bullying” which is a simple word with so many meanings. A lot of us don’t know how far bullying can go. Physical, emotional, cyber… The statics don’t matter, because the truth is, bullying is present in every school around the globe, and kids end up killing themselves due to lack of help. And something needs to be done to stop it. The first step in making headway is for the bullied to do something about the bully, because only you can save yourself.

The old school story of bullying is the skinny nerd being stuffed into a locker by a physical strong, yet emotionally hurt kid. When the skinny nerd asks for help from his father, he is told to stand up to a bully, and then comes back home with a black eye. Now days, bullying is much different, yet tis is still present. Most of the parents aren’t aware when their kids are being bullied, because they don’t come home with black eyes. The fact is, bullying has morphed itself into so many different kinds of self-esteem destroying evilness that it’s hard to tell.

Cyber bulling is the easiest to get rid of. Many social sites have blocking, and deleting of accounts, simply remove yourself from it. The next is the way in which we let the words get to us. Girls can be just as mean, if not meaner, than boys when it comes to bullying. Friends can turn on you, girls can hate you for no reason at all, and this results in girls self-harming, and hating themselves due to thoughts of all the other girls hating them. The honest truth is that if you let someone that low tell you who you are, then you’ve got it all wrong The first step into making head way against this, is tell your parents, or a trusted adult, and get to a consoler, someone professional to talk to. If you’re not being physically bullied, then truthfully, you can’t get hurt. A therapist will help you realize that you’re better than someone who is telling you you’re not. And you’ll learn to get your motivation back, and to ignore the hurtful words, because eventually, it will stop.

The last is physical. The only thing you can do is tell someone, and with adults behind you, stand up to the bully. Don’t fight back, but tell them what you think, which is “someone like you will not determine who I am.” And walk away. For the next few days, ignore them, and eventually they will stop, knowing an adult is watching. Unfortunately, this article is only for the kids who are being bullied to read, to help them. So this first article, is making head way.

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