April 27, 2012
By kingdre465 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
kingdre465 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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My idea of event is can the Westside beat the eastside such as an sports like basketball, or football to me I would say no. I’m saying no because eastside people play sport to the fullest everyday even in the winter time people will shovel the snow just big enough to play basketball.

Even play catch with the football.

I live on the Westside rite now an I see nobody outside because they either say it’s to cold or they just are lazy. So that’s why I say that the east is way more talented when it comes to play sports.

I remember when Osborn had went against Henry ford
Henry ford came on the court all hype man they thought they was come to win. For a minute I kind of thought they were going to win number 8 on ford high school team had came out on the court an scored about three 3 points boi was he on fire

By the second quarter.

It was crunch time Osborn went on a rampage two 3 pointers n 3 back to back drunk ford had came with a couple drunks. There self but nothing major number 11 that plays for Osborn came down court on a fast break did a drunk so curl that b**** shook the hole gym room it was either the drunk that mad it shake like that or it was the way the crowd scream n yell that made it slap like that. By the the third quarter the score was tie up at 21.

As the score keep going back to back score man was that game hype people scream ahhhhh. Then people start yelling OSBORN b****. The other side was yelling Henry ford b**** . it went on for about ten seconds of the game. By the end of the day the score was 40 to 49. Yea Osborn won.

So that provide my case the east is the best at sports.

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