The Battle Against Gay Rights

March 14, 2012
By Quinn Kirby BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Quinn Kirby BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Ignorance is most often mistaken for fear; that’s why the less education one receives about gay rights contributes to them more likely becoming homophobic. Homosexuals are just humans. Humans who are attracted to the gender that they represent more than the other. It doesn’t seem as catastrophic as some make it out to be when put in simple terms, so why is it such a humongous deal today? If we would just pass a national law that allows all gays to marry, so many crises would be averted.

If we pass this law, people will be looked upon with less hate. Laws tend to intimidate people that may have poked fun at the subject at hand before it was passed, therefore those against gay marriage may just give up and move onto something else more important that upsets them, global warming, anyone? After a few generations, gay marriage may become just a simple happening in every day life. This may bring more acceptance to homosexuals, as the children born into this new era would be accustomed to seeing same-sex couples.

Homosexuality has been discovered in 1500 different animal species, such as lions, dwarf chimpanzees, dolphins, orcas, and the like. Even birds, who couple for life, have been found to have a partner of the same gender. Approximately five percent of the entire population of geese is homosexual. This begins to make you wonder: Is homosexuality or homophobia unnatural? Most people against the pride movements argue that marrying a human of the same gender is not natural in the flow of life, but as you can see, the animal kingdom doesn’t agree. Humans are the only species who look upon their brethren as less than themselves if one of their own is interested in the identical gender they seem to be.

With less hetero-, bi-, and homosexuals upset over the discrimination of this subject and its people, less protests will occur. Those aggravated by such protests will then get their way and shall not see any more rallies prancing down their streets. It’s a win-win situation. Without a reason to proceed down roads and highways with home-made banners and signs waiting, these disputes will be no more.
Being a Christian, at first I didn’t support these people in the choices they made. The Bible clearly states that, ‘Men shall not sleep with men and women shall not sleep with women.’ Then one day, as I was out to lunch with an older figure that I respect very much, the thought of asking her opinion on the subject arose. She is an extremely religious person herself-that reflects in the fact that she had married a pastor-and she simply said, “I support the choices that they [homosexuals] have made. Why did Jesus die on the cross for us? It wasn’t so that we could mourn the loss of him for thousands of years after he passed, it was so that we could rejoice that our sins could now be forgiven.” If you haven’t already caught the point being made, it is that yes, people interested in their own sex are sinning. It’s just how things work. There is no need to get worked up about that fact, though, as God still loves, appreciates, and supports them. That’s what matters most.

Gay marriage seems to be one of the most controversial topics and largest problems in modern day society. I don’t see how it has to be so. It does not matter if you are for or against it, but try to support those trying to be accepted by their peers, family, and the world. We should not split ourselves according to those we love. Even if the laws are not passed, homosexuals should get the approval they deserve to be with ‘the one’, no matter who that one may be. All people are just people, made of the same DNA as anyone else. Homosexuals just have rainbow-colored glasses on.

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The author's comments:
I love the gays and wish they weren't hated so much.

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