The Determination of Sexual Orientation

March 10, 2012
By , Reno, NV
Intolerance of homosexuals is a common thing since the beginning of religions like Christianity. 1 in 11 Americans admit that they believe that homosexuality is choice, but can we really live in a world with that statistic when the gay population has nearly doubled in the last 50 years? This prejudice has led to many hate crimes like murders and rape. Intolerance of homosexuality derives from people believing it is a choice. However I am here to tell that scientific discoveries show how men and women are born with their sexual identity.

How is homosexuality determined at birth? This is a complex statement. “At birth” means that certain features that lead to your sexual identity came from when you were a developing fetus. In a study, x rays show that heterosexual female brains look similar to gay male brains and the vise versa for gay females and straight men. 70% of twins find that if one is gay the other is also. Healthy homosexual couples in the animal world is very common two penguins at a San Diego zoo raised a penguin egg to its hatching. Lists and lists of genetic traits in a homosexual can keep being listed

Nearly 100% of homosexual teens will hear slander about their identity. 1 in two of these teens also hear it from staff members at school. As a result, 1 in 33 homosexual teens will attempt suicide from bullying. I am here to ask why? The Christian Bible says “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a women. That is detestable” -Leviticus 1822 What some people translate this is to “Being gay is bad. I’m going to be rude to everyone who is gay so they know how religious I am.” Disrespecting anyone for who they are isn’t holy and is not what god intended. Who is to say that you are not born with homosexuality. Just like you shouldn’t drink excessively but can be born with alcoholism. Who are you to decide what they do is bad?

Homosexuality being a choice is an ignorant statement. My suggestion is that you get to know a person before judging them on anything about them. If a person makes the choice to be gay let them. It does not harm you or anyone else. Tolerating what we are born with is part of our human evolution process to make the human race grow as one. Do your part and tolerate what they have to say.

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