Pay for a Belt or Pay for a Crime

January 24, 2012
By sydLo BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
sydLo BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
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Driving through a not-so-great- part of town, men and boys roam the streets with pants sagging way below the waistline. With their underwear fully exposed, a person cannot help but think they are the dregs of society. It turns out, the government and school officials agree, arguing sagging pants is not publicly decent, it distracts students in class and is a sign of delinquency.
No girls like a tan line and some even tan nude to prevent this, but when not in the comfort of one’s home, tanning nude is illegal according to the laws of public decency. Are exposed boxers really in the same category as walking out in your birthday suit when it comes to the law? If asking lawmakers, then yes. Officials feel that pedestrians should not be forced to look at a male’s boxers due to sagging pants just like they should not be forced to look at exposed private areas.
While a teacher drones on about the Revolutionary War, students will do anything to listen to a boring lecture. Students would much rather giggle to one another about one of the boys’ boxers having a funny design. School officials are doing everything in their power to prevent distractions, like exposed funny-designed boxers, from entering school grounds. That means boys better pull up their pants in class or consequences will occur. And no teachers really want to have to write out a detention for visible Donald Duck underwear.
Wonder where sagging pants even came from? Well in a word, prison. No belts allowed in the big house in order to prevent belts being used as a weapon or to commit suicide. Nothing should be picked up from prison, especially not fashion choices. Now it’s no big secret why sagging pants often give the impression of delinquency and gangster lifestyles. Both of which the government attempts to decrease on a daily basis. Outlawing sagging pants will hopefully prevent those types of impressions and make us a more dignified looking people.
Sagging pants may be against public decency, distract students and give off a bad impression, but when my car broke down in that not-so-great part of town and man with pants down to his knees repaired it free of charge with a big smile, it brings to mind the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

The author's comments:
Should the government outlaw sagging pants? Or is a fashion choice part of a our freedom of expression?

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