Water=Love, Fire=hate

January 17, 2012
By jackchase PLATINUM, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
jackchase PLATINUM, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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How can a person already so low build themselves up? What could they possibly use to make themselves tall when they are the absolute lowest scum on this Earth? Someone so vile, so cruel, so ruthless, how could a person like that change their reputation? Is it even possible, for a person like that to change? It’s up to others to choose to give a second chance. I think we all have it in us to forgive a person though, no matter how horrid their actions towards you. You see, we’ve all done bad things, some more than others, but bad things nonetheless. So what’s the difference between your mistakes and theirs? Some would say quality, and some quantity. One person would say another individual did something “worse”, while someone else would say the other did “more bad things” than them. But when it comes down to it, it’s all bad. Who are you to judge a sinner, when you have sinned? Who are you to cry when you are judged, when you yourself criticize. So how can a person so low pick themselves up and change? They can find the strength through you. If you show love, it will never go unnoticed, and I mean never. But if you show hate, it will also go noticed. A raging fire will not extinguish with more fire. A spiteful person will not change through spite. Fire will go with enough water. Rage will go with enough love. Be the water. Be the love.

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