December 28, 2011
By , APO AE, Germany
Over the course of a few years I have found out that some of my closest fiends and family are gay and bisexual. I don’t understand how people can be so close minded about this. Judging and poking fun at them. They are people too; they have feelings. When I found out that my best friend was bi and I accepted it. That is who she is but what hurt me the most was that she is scared to tell her own mother about it because her mother thinks of gays and bisexuals as unholy and going against god. I think that people shouldn’t have to hide who they are; especially from their parents. Not all families are like hers though. My cousin came out a few years ago and our family as a whole accepted and supported her through the good and the bad. We love her no matter what. So next time you go to make fun of a gay or bi I hope you know that your word do affect people. Remember that you can chose to make your words kind or hurtful.

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