December 4, 2011
When she walks down the hallway people spines squirm and shake. They all say “ I wonder what she is talking about today.” She rules the school as if it where her kingdom and we are all her slaves. We are enslaved to her gossip. She pretends to be your friend then stabs you in the end. No one can trust her. She has “friends” who stand by her side. They stand there for the popularity but at what price. She brings you down. Your at the top of the world then you’re a piece of trash. It’s not a pleasant feeling. You feel as if the whole world would be better without you and you start to believe it. That feeling grows inside of you and your whole world collapses. No matter how many times you look at yourself in the mirror ,your not you. Your suppose to embrace what god gave you, she ruined that. She ruined my social life, she ruined me. She ruined my chances of becoming a regular girl. Now I’m that girl that the boys don’t look at, the girl who girls target each day. They say” look at her hair, look at her pants, she’s looks like she just woke up.” I despise these words each day. Everyday I wake up and don’t want to leave my bed. Everyday I say what is the point in looking good if there is no one to impress. And like bully-proofing helps. HA HA SO.HA, laugh at yourself like that helps your self confidence. Walk away. Why so they can say more stuff behind your back? So let it begin. Call me ugly, call me weird, but the one thing I am not is you! I don’t make fun of people because I am insecure about myself, I don’t make a person do what they don’t want to do because that’s not me it’s you. You make fun of people because you don’t like yourself. But DON’T laugh at me again. Don’t say a word. Don’t make fun of me again. Because I’m done. , I am proud of who I am. And no one can get in the way of that! NO ONE! So I am who I want to be, so don’t make fun of me.

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ellabella said...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 9:12 pm
While reading this, I can feel your anger and I can relate to this.
ilovearianna replied...
Jan. 22, 2012 at 6:32 pm
yah 7th grade i swear. lol. but ive learned not to listen to it anymore,.
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