Tragic Lies

December 3, 2011
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A tragedy of death shook us deeply, rumbling our moral foundations, our trust, and worst of all, our hope. Though it’s been a few years since the events of the Pat Tilman incident, the effects are still profound upon our minds.

To be so blind and intent upon killing that you by accident have murdered your own man is only an indication that you are entirely out of control. It is a reminder of the pain you impose every day on others reflected back into your own heart. Finally, when you reach a point so far from human that your first reaction to the incident is how you will conceal it beneath tales of valiance, you are no better than a rabid beast with a crown.

We have learned the essence of the army-to kill others in order to protect ourselves. What of when we kill ourselves? It is time to realize then what we are doing, to stop the destroying and begin collecting the fragments that we know can never be repaired.

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