A Bully

December 7, 2011
By adorkable11 SILVER, Rivervale, New Jersey
adorkable11 SILVER, Rivervale, New Jersey
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Have you ever felt that you have an engine inside of you? Groaning and vibrating with energy. Glowing orange cool blue with extreme heat. Burning so strong and bright that it could burst at any moment? That it is churning and fueling your will to live and carry on with life? But it is not so strong that it could survive a splash of cold water. The fizzing sound as the hot coal whizzes and puffs out its last breath of heat before turning cold? Having that ability to crush that power supply feels invincible. Having that superiority to blow out someone else’s the candle. One who acts on this power? One who uses this ability to squelch the heart and glow is one that doesn’t deserve to have a light of their own. If their pleasure is darkening someone else to the point of no return, should they even have the chance for themselves to burn brightly at all? The squelcher. The one with the bucket of ice water. The one who blows out the candle with a huff that would make any wolf proud, this is a bully. Someone who turns out the lights.

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