That Event Called Prom

December 4, 2011
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As the school year heads for an end there is only one thing daunting thing on students minds, not final exams, but Prom. Everyone anxiously awaits it all year. Boys muster up what courage they can to ask a girl if she will go with him. Of course she will accept and they will have the prom experience everyone dreams of, but then there are those who go without an escort. They go through the same routine as the couples. Girls gather groups of friends and search the town for the stunning dress they have dreamed of since they were little. Boys, not quite as joyfully, search for tuxedos varying in colors from black and white to blue and orange. They all go through the same exasperating process of finding transportation and the group of friends that will help them pay for it. The same party is attended, the same fun is shared and the same King and Queen are crowned by them. Yet those who go to prom without a date are in a way looked down upon. They are talked about behind their backs, oh they are not attractive enough to get a date or they are not cool enough, everything will be mentioned and none of it will be true. The pressure to find a date for prom is a prominent figure in high school society and should not be an excuse for the bullying of other students.

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