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December 4, 2011
I know we've all heard, read, and seen the videos based on school bullying. I don't think anyone realizes how serious the matter really is. You might say you do, but do you really? Do you know the possible dangers? Not from being the bully. Oh no, I'm talking about from the victims.
See, it's only in human nature to fight back. After so long of you pushing and pushing and's only a matter of time before they snap back. And when they do,you better hit the deck. Because after so only builds up to one mass explosion.
I'm sure that the older readers might remember hearing of the Columbine school shootings in Littleton, Colorado. We've all seen how it hit the media right quick. And with that...high school was no longer viewed at a safe place to be. But I'll discuss that momentarily. For now I want to explain Columbine for the younger readers who don't know.
I'll give you the gist of what happened April 20, of 1998. Dylan Klebold, and Eric Harris, were two outsiders in their school at Columbine. After years of being bullied and picked on the two finally pushed back. They shot and killed 12 students and 1 teacher before killing themselves.
Wow. And to think this all could have been prevented if a) people noticed the warning signs or b)if they hadn't been bullied in the first place. Which leaves people like me in the middle of whose the victim and whose the bad guy.
You never think something crazy like that is going to happen until it does. After that shooting Dylan and Eric got what they wanted. To leave their mark on the world. And they did. Schools now have campus police, metal detectors, and fit clothing school policy. Things changed; people got scared and they reacted.
Now more than 13 or so years later everyone is participating in things like the Rachel Scott Challenge. She was one of the victims at Columbine. This program teaches students about reaching out to others. And to stop bulling. Yet, was Rachel bullied and did she put a stop to bulling? That's what the world has yet to know. How would we ever know?
My point is, when you're the victim of bullying when you fight back you turn into the bully. It's a crazy messed up cycle.
As I said before high school is no longer seen as safe. Because it isn't. You might be the person who chooses to turn off the news when you see something bad or walk away when things get ugly. And you can ignore it all you want; all the power to you buddy. But if you keep on ignoring's only a matter of time before you see the consequences of being a bully or knowing someone who does or even if you see it and just walk away.
What right does anyone have to just let it happen or to pretend they don't see it? You don't. Even if the bully starts in on you for stepping in, it's better than letting some kid get picked on day by day.
And if your the bully, I pity you. You have got a lot of nerve to bully someone. I bet you're going to read this thinking "ha like some sob story is going to stop me" but that's where you are so wrong. I didn't write this to stop you. Nope. I'm writing this to prove that all actions, positive or negative, have a reaction. Haven't you ever heard that expression? Perhaps in simple Science or more complicated Physics class.If I smile at a random stranger in class, they might have a better day for it. But if I go up to a new girl in class and start pushing her around taunting her, she's bound to snap back eventually.
Everything you do, everything you say, and everything you half way do or say, will always have a reaction. If I tell you "have a nice day today" the reaction from you would be "thanks" or "you too".
So bully all you want. Because in the end, whose really the bully? whose really the victim? Stop bulling. I don't care if you never speak to the kid you're bulling again. Heck, they would probably perfer it. But just walk away and leave it alone.
And if you're the victim. Seek guidance in someone you trust. You might fool everyone else, but you probably have a lot of anger and hate that's built up. And that could be dangerous to yourself as well as others. Heed my advice to you, and get help. Dylan had depression, Eric had a mental illness. Was this all before or after the bullying? It's more than obvious.
Stop before it starts. End of discussion. That's all there is to it. Even if you decide to apologize and you and the bully or you and the victim become pals, it's better than to keep on with bulling. Make the right choice.
Don't wait. Because tomorrow might be too late.

~ <3 ~

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country_chick This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 6, 2011 at 3:26 pm
I'm still just so excited this is up here :)
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