Always The Outcast

November 23, 2011
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What does popularity have to do with anything?I have asked this question before and I have gotten the usual answer.Everything.Well,I don't care for the whole popularity thing.Everyone should be equal.It shouldn't matter where you were born,what color you are,how you look,or even who you hang out with.I can understand not wanting to be with certain people because of their personality or their actions but why because of their popularity?I have had many friends leave me to be with a more popular group.I have had friends who throw harsh comments at me only when the so called "popular" kids come around.

Many people turn into monsters because of popularity.I have to say I used to be under the control of popularity.Yet I now understand the pain it brings to others.Popularity wise I am an outcast because I don't like what everybody else likes,or I don't wear what everybody else wears.I choose not to be under such influence.I will not wear a skirt unless it is an occasional holiday,yet even then I don't normally wear stuff like that.I don't wear the same brand of shoe that everybody likes.I would rather wear my boots or sneakers.I don't go for looks I go for durability.I don't like the drama other girls like and I am not afraid to rough house.

Is this really a big deal to you?Because I get scowled at by other students because I am me.An outcast,a freak,a stranger to the city even though I have lived here most of my life.You know what?If no one likes me for who I am,well they can just stare at me as I move on in life wearing the demeaning nickname of Outcast proudly. It still hurts to receive such horrid comments from peers no matter how high I hold my head and walk through hard times.I may always be the outcast,but remember I have just as much right to be here as anybody else on this world.

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